Fairer and Faster Hiring for Employers and Job Seekers

Use Progow’s Fact Sheet™ Platform to create role-specific job applications that reduce bias, improve candidate experience and increase efficiency in hiring.

The Problem with Job Applications Today

Job applications today are just clunky forms to collect resumes

Today's applications fail to collect the same role-specific information from every applicant while also being frustrating to complete and failing to tell candidates when they are rejected.

Bad for employers & candidates...

Initial screening and evaluation are based on resumes that do not state if objective qualifications are met, are not directly comparable and introduce bias. The result a slow process, brand damage and loss the top talent.

Progow's Fact Sheets Reduce Bias to Help You Hire the Best Applicants

Name-blind Fact Sheet

Reducing bias in screening to leads to a more qualified, diverse interview pool

Fact Sheets objectively and fairly screen every applicant for minimum requirements and perferred qualifications.

Using name-blind review documents leads to better hiring decisions

Fact Sheets create name-blind, directly comparable review documents for every applicant that recruiters and hiring managers can use for fairer, more-accurate, evaluation.

Progow Improves Your Candidate Experience

Cross-device Compatibility

Make the application process faster and less frustrating for candiates

Improve brand perception to every individual who hits apply, potentially of millions of impressions for a 10k employee company.

Promptly communicate rejection to unqualified applicants

Avoid the "resume black hole" silence which leads 44% of applicants to develop a worse opinion of your company and 32% to be less likely to buy your products.

Progow Increases Efficiency in the Hiring Process

Increase "application coversion rate"

Increasing the percent of individuals that complete an application after clicking apply gets more applicants to conversations faster and reduces sourcing costs.

Automate screening

Automating the administrative task of screening saves recruiters time and improves the quality of the interview pool.